NIOBRARA, NE - For the town of Niobrara, three brothers who served side-by-side in the Vietnam War will forever hold a special place in community members' hearts.

“They were like ordinary boys,” says Commander of Post 224 American Legion Niobrara, Nebraska, James Scott.

James Scott is passionate about carrying on the legacy that the Sage brothers left behind.

“Three of our boys were born and raised around here that went down with the ship,” says Scott. “We never want to forget what they've done for our country.”

The town held its annual memorial dedicated to honoring not only the Sage brothers, but also the other 71 who lost their lives when a ship went down in the Vietnam War.

Emotions ran high as community members honored the fallen men.

Even though the 74 are gone, their legacy lives on through the memorial.

Veterans continue to urge Congress to honor the 74 lives that were lost, by adding their names to the Vietnam Wall.

“As long as I'm alive, I'll keep honoring them every year, reading their names at Memorial Day and I will never give up,” says Scott.