GRAND ISLAND, Neb. - The Nebraska State Fair is moving forward in recruiting a new executive director. 

The State Fair Board appointed Deputy Director Jaime Parr as the interim director at its meeting Friday afternoon. Board Chairman Bob Haag says it’s critical to get the right person in place as the next director.

“They’re the spokesperson for the State Fair," Haag said. "It’s very important, I think, that we have somebody on staff that can represent the fair well. As a board member, you gotta have somebody you feel comfortable with.”

The new director will replace Bill Ogg, who is resigning after managing three fairs. Ogg will stay on to help with the transition process. Haag is complimentary of Ogg’s efforts as director.

“He put together a heck of a good staff that did it," Haag said. "He got our finances from being in the hole to where we’ve got reserves. Man, that’s so relaxing to be a board member on something that’s going positive rather than negative.”

The board is advertising the position with the International Association of Fairs and Expositions, the Nebraska Chamber and on social media. The board hopes to start interviewing candidates within 45 days. Haag has a good idea of what he’s looking for in the next executive director.

“To be able to manage the staff, be able to manage money, we want them to be able to work well with all the businesses not only in Grand Island, but the bigger area of Nebraska," Haag said. "I think they’ve got to be able to work well with our governor, with our senators because they’re a big part of what we do.”