OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — The owner of two pit bull-mixed breed dogs accused of violently attacking an Omaha couple and their miniature poodle now faces several citations, including having no proof of vaccinations, no proof of licenses, no proof of insurance, allowing the pit bulls to be unmuzzled in public and damage to property.

Police and Nebraska Humane Society officials have said the woman’s dogs attacked a husband and wife who were walking their dog in the neighborhood Sunday evening, sending the woman to a hospital with bites to her face and hands. The man suffered bites to his arm, and the poodle underwent surgery for severe injuries to its leg.

Humane Society officials picked up the pit bulls following the attack and place them on a 10-day rabies hold.

The owner of the pit bulls told the Omaha World-Herald that she has proof her dogs are vaccinated and that she planned to retrieve them from impound on Tuesday. Pam Wiese, spokeswoman for the Nebraska Humane Society, said the pit bulls can be released if their owner can prove they’re up-to-date on rabies shots.

The citations carry penalties ranging from $30 for not having a license to $1,000 for having an unmuzzled pit bull. The Humane Society has classified the dog as potentially dangerous, which means their owner must meet a list of requirements to retain ownership.