GRAND ISLAND, Neb.-- The expansion of a solar farm in Grand Island will make it the second largest of the state.
According to a news release, crews are installing 21,600 panels in a solar farm on the northeastern part of the city.
The Grand Island Utilities Department is in charge of the project and expects it to be finished by November. 
Assistant Utilities Director Lynn Mayhew said this will have an effect for the next couple of years. 
“Overall, what it’s going to mean for our customers is a couple of things," said Mayhew. "We’re going to get renewable energy that’ll last about 20 years and over that 20 year life-span we’ll have fossil fuel free energy for Grand Island.”
The total cost for the project is $14 million. The city is using $4 million from the Inflation Reduction Act to help with the cost.
According to production engineer Jayson Rezek, the 9.9 megawatt solar farm will be able to power around 2,000 homes. 
The farm is in addition to the one already owned and operated by the city. The combined wattage and power supply will mean that 20% of the generation output for the city will come from renewable energy.