GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- A widely known local business in Grand Island is selling and is hoping to transfer it to a new owner. 

“That’s always been my goal just kind of be relaxing, no stress even if you’re not artistic, you know, it's like a mini vacay from life is kind of how I try to you know, that’s a lot of people, it’s like their happy place they just get away for just a little bit," said owner Jackie Bowen. 

The Happy Brush is a beloved spot at Railside in Grand Island. Bowen has recently listed it for sale.

“I would say that because I love it so much and I’m super dedicated to it that when I realize that I’m kind of running out of that energy because it takes so much,” Bowen said. 

The idea started more than 12 years ago when she wanted a picture over her fireplace. She thought, "how hard can it be to make one?"

The rest is history.

She started renting a space in the mall and it was initially called j.elizabeth, but she soon realized she needed more space. 

Now 11 years later, The Happy Brush is one of the most unique, colorful local businesses on 3rd St. 

People can go for walk-in projects including pre-drawn canvases and ceramic pieces, plus other types of projects and weekly classes. 

“That this particular place has meant for somebody at a particular place in their life," Bowen said. "It’s meant a lot to a lot of people and I am just thankful that I was able to do that for people and at least be a part of it.”

Currently, the business is listed at $575,000 and that includes the 6,000 square feet of inventory. Meanwhile, she’ll still be open Thursdays through Sunday for walk-in painting.

“I’ll like to think that there’s someone out there,” Bowen said.