KEARNEY, Neb. -- For Kathy Davis, giving is something that makes her happy. 

“I grew up in a home where service was a big thing," Davis said. "My mom loved doing service and she taught us to love doing service and I just, if I’m not doing service, I’m not happy.”

The recently retired Davis said she was struggling with depression and just sitting around at home in Schuyler. She thought she could start something she had done back when she lived in Arizona. 

She started her nonprofit Baby Shower in a Box charity Ever since November, she has been working tirelessly on a cause that’s dear to her heart. 

“Just warms my heart, I love it," Davis said. "I look at them and just think, you know, I'm just so happy and so blessed to be able to provide something that is so needed in the community.”

Every box contains the essentials for newborn babies. So far, she has delivered around 130 boxes all across the state.

On Thursday, she delivered a total of 34 boxes to different organizations in Central City, Kearney, Lexington and Broken Bow.

Sixpence, a Kearney Public Schools program that aims to improve early childhood education, was one of those receiving boxes. 

“We’re just very thankful that they thought of us, to be able to support our program in this way and you know we always look to provide the best resources we can for our families," said Megan Schmidt, program coordinator and Bright Futures Preschool principal. "So, this is just a great donation and a great gift."

The S.A.F.E  Center also received some boxes. 

“This will help families immensely who have experienced domestic violence or sexual assault and are having a baby," said Nikki Gausman, S.A.F.E. Center executive director. "Just having some of those starting supplies and knowing that the community is there really gives them hope to be able to move forward and to know they can make this."

Up to this point, Davis has relied on friends, family and church members for donations, but she hopes others will add to her cause. 

“Just how important it is to give to your local communities, and there’s a huge need out there,” Davis said. 

For anyone interested, Davis can be contacted at 480-907-5566 or you can visit her Amazon registry.