LINCOLN, Neb. -- A man was arrested for an assault after his DNA was confirmed to be present. 

On April 19th police received a report from a 39-year-old woman that 27-year-old Mohammed Al-Saad had assaulted her. Police arrested Al-Saad on October 10th. 

Police say the woman said Al-Saad was helping her move to a new home when he had physically assaulted and raped her. 

Authorities say that the woman then fled her home and called the police at a nearby gas station. 

Police say the victim sustained injuries consistent with the assault and was examined at a local area hospital. 

Officials say the evidence submitted to the state lab that indicated Al-Saad's DNA was present in the victim's SANE kit. Al-Saad was taken into custody at the police station Sunday and arrested for first-degree sexual assault.