After being closed for five months, a cinema in Columbus has finally opened its doors back up.

The Center 7 Theater halted operations in March because of the pandemic.

Manager Joe Rohloff said summer is usually the biggest time for people to go to the theater.

He said he doesn’t know exactly how much money they missed out on by being closed, just that it was a lot.

"I will say for movies and theaters, we never shut down," Rohloff said.  "The only time we shut down was like Christmas Eve, but if somebody would’ve said we were going to shut down all summer, I would’ve never believed it."

The Center 7 Theater is showing three new films, including The New Mutants, Unhinged and Words on Bathroom Walls.

Customers must wear masks to get in, but can take them off once seated in the theater.  They also must maintain six feet social distance.