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Tonight in the Boston area, Luke Bryan brings his Sunset Repeat Tour to its biggest audience so far, playing Gillette Stadium, the home of the New England Patriots.

The "Knockin' Boots" hitmaker reveals he's particularly glad to have Cole Swindell along for this run, because he figures he'll only be at the top of the lineup after this.

"It's funny, because every year it seems like when you're a headliner, the opening acts get gobbled up," Luke explains. "I didn't want any of that to happen. I wanted to be like right off the bat [and] see if Cole wanted to do it."

"I mean, Cole certainly can go headline his own stuff," Luke adds. "And I felt like if I was gonna have another opportunity to have Cole out, this is kind of my last chance at it. So when he agreed to sign on, I was super excited."

Cole's quick to throw compliments Luke's way as well, recalling he's been learning from both him and Kenny Chesney for close to fifteen years.

"I remember back in, like, 2005, I think I had opened up a show in Athens for Luke," Cole recalls. "I mean, this was a long time ago, you know, he was just writing songs and playing around. I think you had just gotten your record deal."

"And I went to show in Atlanta," Cole continues. "I went and saw Kenny Chesney. And just the first time I'd ever seen him in an arena, and how he entertained and just brought the person from the rooftop, you know, made 'em feel like they were right there."

Tonight, Brett Young also joins Luke and Cole for the massive show, along with their regular tour mate, newcomer Jon Langston.

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