BEATRICE – For Teresa Zoellner, who has owned an interior design business ….the retail side of things wasn’t necessarily on the radar screen.
But that’s changed, with the opening of a new business…in a historic Beatrice building, no less.

"We had gone out of town for the Fourth of July, and I've loved this building since we moved here. When we came back into town there was a for-sale sign. I said to my husband, oh my gosh, that building's for sale, that I loved. Then, within a week, I had it bought...and then I had to decide what to do with it."

The Lang Building, as it’s been known at Sixth and Ella, now houses Zoellner Design Company on the first floor of the three-story structure. The building dates back to 1907…. formerly a grocery store. The second floor once housed a salon. The main floor is now an elegant retail space and one of the newest additions to the downtown.  "My daughters suggested that maybe we should introduce coffee...and I think it was a good idea. It kind of helped people to maybe sit here and enjoy this beautiful building and not just walk in and walk out.....enjoy it."

Jason and Teresa Zoellner have two daughters and two sons. They own Zoellner Ford-Lincoln, where daughter Abby is the H-R Manager. Their daughter Lily will graduate this year from UNL with a background in business and marketing. Both help out when they can, at the new business. The couple plans to eventually map out a purpose for the second and third stories of the building.

Former Lang Building home of new business

Zoellner Design opened February 9th. Teresa says there’s been an amazing turnout and support and a great opportunity to meet a lot of new people in the community.

"When they come in, everyone enjoys the coffee...that's kind of the number one thing....have a nice cup of coffee, sit at the tables and visit. Then they wander through, see the accessories and the furniture. We've done great with that, too. Just a place to come and enjoy this old buildling."
Plans are in the works for some additional outside touches, including an awning. "A metal awning and we'll have bistro tables and outdoor seating."

Zoellner says the building speaks for itself and didn’t require a wholesale reworking of the main floor. As for what you’ll find….both women and men are welcome.

"That's something that was really surprising. We've had a ton of men come in, and it's been awesome to see. They're so generous and they've come in...bought things for their wives or girlfriends. We have gift baskets that we offer..anything in the store that we can make into a gift basket. We had a bunch made up for Valentine's Day, birthdays. I think it's convenient. They can just come in, grab a looks pretty and it's worked out well. We do have some men's products, as well. We carry Jack Black and a few other things for men....Clean Slate Soap....we have a fragrance that's for men."

Furnishings inside Zoellner Design

The business has a connection with Clean Slate Soaps in Beatrice, featuring some of its products…and providing the chance for some cross-promotion to customers.

Zoellner Design hours are nine to four, Monday through Friday. Teresa says once the new business gets a foothold, she also plans to resume consulting on interior design.