GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- After a year's worth of discussion and debate, the Hall County Board of Commissioners is moving forward with a plan for its historic courthouse.

The board has looked at different options to add needed space to the courthouse, including a new standalone building, a renovation plus addition and using a building owned by Grand Island Public Schools. 

At Tuesday’s meeting, the board heard from Judge Arthur Wetzel, who has urged the commissioners to take action for weeks. 

“I’m beyond frustrated, I’m beyond angry,” Wetzel said. "I am disgusted by the way this thing has been handled. Judge Butler. I’ll let him talk on his behalf. He sitting over in the courthouse right now with fans running, busted pipes and we’re supposed to conduct court, it’s tough... This should’ve been done 10 years ago."

The board voted 5-2 to send the latest plans from the architects to state court administrator Corey Steel for approval. 

The latest plans include the renovation of the courthouse plus an addition. The board is keeping the project cost under $40 million in order to avoid a public vote on the issue.