KEARNEY, Neb. — Travelers in Central Nebraska are now able to drive on Interstate 80 after a lengthy closure.

The Nebraska Department of Transportation announced around 2:15 Tuesday afternoon that I-80 was back open in both directions. Transportation officials first shut down the road between Kearney and Lexington around 3:00 Monday afternoon.

The closure stemmed from a winter storm that generated a Blizzard Warning and caused most area school districts to cancel classes for two days. Most areas around the Tri-Cities received around six to eight inches of snow. Winds that gusted as high as 43 mph blew that snow around, creating massive drifts and poor visibility.

The interstate closure didn't stop some people from trying to find a way to get to their destination. The Phelps County Sheriff says some drivers tried to use 747 Road, a paved county road two miles south of the interstate, instead. 

"Several vehicles became stuck along 747 Road throughout the night," Sheriff Gene Samuelson said in a news release. "Most were able to get rides from other travelers. The tow companies became back logged because of the storm, vehicles will be moved as soon as possible."

As of mid-afternoon Tuesday, most highways and I-80 east of York were still considered completely covered with snow