HASTINGS, Neb. – Snow days are fun for the people who get the day off of work and or school. One profession that doesn't get the day off, even with winter weather, are emergency first responders.

Agencies like Hastings Fire and Rescue (HFR) create an incident action plan during severe weather to better prepare personnel to respond to an emergency.

They also respond to emergencies by driving a little slower, and do without their sirens and lights to avoid causing cars to drive off the road trying to pull over for emergency vehicles.

HFR also says there's one thing to look out for when removing snow from your property that you may not think of.
That's to clear any fire hydrants on your property of snow to help first responders in the event of a fire.

"The biggest problem with that, is if we're responding to an emergency at you, or your neighbor's house and that's the hydrant we're going to use, if that's covered in snow, that's going to delay us connecting to that hydrant and getting water supply for our crews that are going in the put that fire out." said HFR firefighter/paramedic Ryan Miller.

The city of Hastings is in a snow emergency until Wednesday morning. All cars parked on a snow emergency route are subject to ticketing or towing. Find the full list of snow emergency routes in Hastings here.