STAPLETON, Neb. -- Charges against a central Nebraska school superintendent have been dismissed.

According to Logan County Court records, prosecutors dismissed a misdemeanor count of third-degree assault in a menacing and threatening manner against 52-year-old Brian Redinger on Friday.

Redinger is the superintendent at Stapleton Public Schools. 

Stapleton school board president Frank Kramer threw his support behind Redinger with a statement in March, writing:

"The Board of Education is aware of the misdemeanor citation against Superintendent Redinger.  Superintendent Redinger immediately reported this matter to the Board of Education, and the Board of Education worked with legal counsel to investigate the incident. After a thorough investigation, the Board of Education has determined that Superintendent Redinger acted lawfully and within the scope of his authority on January 31, 2023 when he requested that a disruptive patron leave the school building and sought assistance from law enforcement when the disruptive patron refused to do so.  In light of the facts of the incident, the Board of Education is confident that Superintendent Redinger will be exonerated through the legal process and intends to support him throughout that process." 

In the statement, the school board asserted that it had "thoroughly investigated" the incident and that Redinger acted "lawfully and within the scope of his authority."

Kramer said that Redinger was trying to get a "disruptive patron" to leave the school on January 31, stating that he believed Redinger would be exonerated.

Redinger had previously faced a domestic assault charge in 2016 while he was the superintendent at Shelton Public Schools, eventually pleading no contest to a misdemeanor.