HASTINGS, Neb. — A gigantic fuel tank is now unearthed as the City of Hastings works to demolish a former downtown service station.

Contractors removed the 13,000-gallon tank at the former Theis Auto Care at 3rd St. and Denver Ave. on Wednesday. A city news release says the discovery of the enormous fiberglass container came as a bit of a surprise for workers, as they expected to find two separate tanks totaling 13,000 gallons.

The tank was installed in 1994. Workers will place dry ice inside to push out any remaining gasoline vapors, then will cut it up and take it to the local landfill.

The city says a very small amount of fuel leakage was found in the area. Soil samples will be sent to a lab for testing.

Dirt will be placed back in the hole and crews will demolish the building. Then, the area will be seeded with grass.

The property is owned by the Hastings Public Library Foundation. Plans for its development haven’t been completed yet.

On April 10, between the tank removal and demolition, Hastings Fire and Rescue will use the building as a training site. The training will include forcible entry evolutions but not include live fire.