GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- Thursday, Grand Island woke up to the sounds of snow blowers and snow plows.

It feels like Christmas, but there’s no music - it’s just the trees filled with snow from yesterday.

The city plows are out clearing the roads and people are shoveling their porches, sidewalks and drives.

The schools are closed, which means the children are home enjoying their time outside.

“My daughter woke up this morning, and she’s like mommy I get to play outside," said Asleigh Kouassi, "She was so excited.”

Kouassi and her family have been playing outside, but she's not a fan of snow days.

“So, it's just more work on a snow day, to come on out and scoop, do laundry and bundle them up,” she said. 

For others is an opportunity to build. Landon and Aubrey said the day was great because they didn’t have to go to school. That means it's time to play. 

“We’re just building a whole ton of little snow men, it started with that one with her scarf we just decided to build more as like a big snowman army or something, “ he said.   

The weather for some might be frightful. For some, delightful.

Either way, the snow it's here to stay.