KEARNEY, Neb. — Snowy and windy conditions have prompted the National Weather Service to extend its Winter Storm Warning.

The NWS says 1-3 inches of snow are still expected to fall tonight in the Tri-Cities. Forecasters warn that blowing and drifting snow will make it hard for crews to keep up with clearing roads overnight. Winds are expected to gust up to 40 miles per hour in parts of the area before dying down around 8:00 Thursday morning.

Snow emergencies remain in place in cities across the region. The Adams County Sheriff said emergency vehicles were getting stuck in the afternoon when responding to calls. Deputies with the Phelps County Sheriff’s Office had trouble getting to stranded drivers.

In Kearney, the street division says it will focus on clearing snow on highways, four-lane arterial roads and emergency snow routes. It won’t remove snow in residential areas until the snow stops or when conditions allow. City officials say to prepare for road closures overnight if blizzard conditions occur.