GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- "Densel’s Dream" is in its final stages of being completely installed. 

The public art display is located straight west of Bickford Cottage on Woodridge Boulevard in Grand Island. 

Densel Rasmussen, who passed away in 2017, always thought that the location was great for public art. 

The state gave the ground to the City of Grand Island and the city is permitting the art installation on the ground.

Grand Island Partnership for the Arts President Steve Anderson says they have been working for about two and a half years, and thinks the art might encourage some people to move here.

“I think it gives the community a better style, if you will. It gives the community a better appreciation of the community”

The project’s cost is $600,000. They have raised almost all the money. The money that has been raised so far has been possible thanks to donations from various companies and individuals in Grand Island

Anderson says Grand Island native Matthew Placzek is the designer of Densel’s Dream. 

“It’s made of aluminum and plastics, sandhill cranes, cocktails, it withstands winds of 90 miles per hour, it’s all been engineered, it’s very well done”

If the weather allows it, Densel’s Dream will be finished by the end of the year. 

The GIPA hopes to take a break for a month after and then continue looking for places to display public art. 

The community can donate as funds are always welcome. The money is managed by the Greater Grand Island Community Foundation.