GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- Christmas has arrived in Grand Island.

The Railside Christmas tree and the festoon lights are now lightning up six blocks of downtown. 

During the weekend, the festoon lights will be on 24 hours. During weeknights, so will the Christmas tree. 

Executive director of Railside, Sherry Siwinski said she is happy that this project finally sees the light for people to enjoy. 

“I hope they are as excited as we are here at Railside," Siwinski said. "It was such a collaborative effort between so many people, the city of Grand Island and the Railside executive board, our board and our committee to make this possible. So, it's a long time planning. It takes months to put this together, so we hope people enjoy it and have a fun time.”

Many activities were available like wagon rides, face painting, letters to Santa, escape rooms and more. 

If kids missed Santa Friday night, they will get a chance on  December 3rd, 10, 18th and 22nd.