LINCOLN - Nebraska is looking to move past their 34-3 blowout loss to #3 Michigan this past Saturday and it's on to Wisconsin.

It's senior day for the Big Red, and 12 players will walk, says Interim Head Coach Mickey Joseph. He also took a moment to express condolences to the victims and their families at the University of Virginia.

"Nebraska football is thinking of them and praying for them during this difficult time," Joseph said. "We have 12 players who will walk on senior day...  It'll be their last game in Memorial Stadium. We commend our seniors... through a lot of transition, they haven't gotten the wins they wanted, but they've been stand up kids for this program."

Of those 12 players, we do know two that will not walk, one being wideout Trey Palmer, the other edge rusher Garrett Nelson. There was no word on if either would officially return to the Big Red next season. Nelson remains focused on Nebraska's tilt this Saturday, as the Blackshirts look to shut down Badger running back Braylon Allen.

"Really big back. Really explosive," Nelson said. "People were saying he was NFL ready at 17-18 years old and that's crazy. We all know how good Wisconsin is up front with big lineman and when you have a big back like that running behind a good offenisve line, you see the seasons he's having."

Mickey Joseph did provide some injury updates for the Huskers. Back up quarterback Chubba Purdy is out with a high ankle sprain, he's to undergo surgery in the next few days. Casey Thompson appears to be probable for Saturday, but Joseph says it'll depend on his progression throughout this week.

"We'll see how the balls coming out his hand," Joseph said. "Want to make sure there's no nerve damage or pain with the throwing. Want to make sure there's no pain or nerve damage. I'm not going to play him if he's in pain, if he can't play at a high level, I won't play him."

Nebraska is out of bowl contention, but remains focused on winning. Tight end Travis Vokolek says Joseph is making sure of that.

"Today in our team meeting he [Joseph] put up 2012 on our board," Vokolek said. "That's the last time we beat them [Wisconsin]. It'd be a huge deal, they're a great football team with a great defense, really fundamentally sound on both sides of the ball. The guys showed up, they were excited, so we're really excited for Saturday. 

Mickey Joseph took over a tough situation at Nebraska. He reflected on his first couple of months at the helm, coming up on the final home game of the season.

"I don't think it's been difficult. I'm having fun. I'm coming in here to get a job done," Joseph said. "We haven't gotten the results that we wanted, but it's great being around these players and these coaches. There's not one singular person in this building who has given up... You all see him. They fight to the end. They could have given up six weeks ago, but they didn't. Don't worry about Mickey, Mickey's going to be okay."

Nebraska and Wisconsin kick off at 11 AM CDT, 10 AM MT on Saturday on ESPN.