KEARNEY, NE — Sen. Deb Fischer is giving her opinions on prominent international topics.

Fischer talked to News Channel Nebraska at an event at the Kearney Regional Airport on Wednesday. 

Ukraine’s latest effort to become part of NATO is being considered. She thinks Ukraine is not ready to be part of the organization.  

“When they are in a conflict of this size with a peer competitor of the United States I don’t think now is the time to look at membership for Ukraine,” Fischer said.

On Tuesday, North Korea fired a ballistic missile near Japan, causing alarms to go off in parts of the country. When asked about North Korea, Fischer criticizes the way their government threatens and intimidates other nations. 

“The United States  need to be strong in our response and called them out for what they are doing , they are bullying and they are irresponsible this is not how civilized nations behave,” Fischer said.

This was one of the stops she made during her tour of Nebraska. She was at Hastings College on Thursday.