HASTINGS, NE — For the last 50 years, when St. Patrick’s Day comes around, a Murphy has grabbed green paint, a roller, and hit the street.

Nearly every year since 1973, the family has painted a shamrock in the middle of the intersection of 1st and Lincoln in Hastings outside of their bar, Murphy’s Wagon Wheel. This year, there’s some new faces participating.

“Now we got the grandkids out and (we’re) trying to make it special for them," former owner Bob Murphy said. "My kids helped me, so it’s been a pretty good family tradition over the years.”

The bar building has stood in Hastings since 1889. Bob Murphy’s parents bought it in 1971, he took over in ’76 and sold the business to his son, Jameson, about six years ago. 

The St. Patrick’s Day festivities started as a way to celebrate the family’s Irish ancestry and draw in customers. It quickly became a big event, with the shamrock painting happening during the night.

“We always had a group of customers that would do it and then they would start the day with a party,” Murphy said.

Now, Jameson’s three kids are helping with the St. Patrick’s Day preparations.

“Had a lot of blood, sweat and tears put into this place over the years and it’s nice to see another generation appreciate it and be willing to do what it takes to run a place like this,” Murphy said.

Murphy's Wagon Wheel is offering Irish-themed special like Irish Stew, corned beef and cabbage, and green beer throughout the day.