The Hastings Community Foundation announced it has awarded a record $142,330 between 27 local nonprofits.

The grants are designed to help a wide-ranging spectrum of the community. Social service, health, and education organizations will all benefit.

“With the increased amount we have to distribute, we were intentional this year about being able to fully fund requests, when possible,” said Dan Peters, executive director of the Hastings Community Foundation. “When we’re able to fully fund a request, that means the nonprofit can spend more time implementing their mission rather than trying to raise the additional funds.”

Examples of Community Grant recipients include:
Catholic Social Services - $8,000 for the purchase of a new forklift to aid in food delivery.
Crossroads Mission Avenue - $10,000 to replace the mechanical complements in their refrigeration units.
Hastings Literacy Program - $1,350 for tablets to aid students working to complete GED.
The Lark - $4,200 for facility upgrades including flooring and stage expansion.
Prairie Loft - $1,700 for digital meeting equipment in the pavilion classroom.
Revive Ministries - $6,484 to purchase new HVAC system for a Unity House.

Grants were also pledged or awarded for capital projects to organizations including Central Community College, Hastings Family YMCA, and the Hastings Catholic Schools.

“The history of our Community Grants fund shows the value of a community foundation,” said Peters. “We’re an organization that thinks long-term. We know that even a modest endowment can grow to have a powerful impact with revenue in perpetuity. That’s exactly what we’ve seen with our grants endowment.”

The Hastings Community Foundation’s Community Grants program began in 1994 with two nonprofits being awarded $1,000 each. With the 2022 allocations, the Community Grants program has awarded more than $1.1 million to date.

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