The Nebraska Department of Agriculture has issued a rare warning about a viral trend on social media. 

They're sounding the alarm about a series of TikTok videos where farmers falsely claim they are being paid to destroy their crops. 

In one video a man shows an envelope from the Farm Service Agency Office in Broken Bow, but then shows a letter from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, a separate agency. The letter is also dated January 2018.

The video shows maps of an area in Custer County and has a hashtag about a food shortage, but the letter is actually about training sessions and predates the pandemic.

A spokeswoman for the Nebraska Department of Agriculture told KHGI the agency has received calls about the videos and confirms there is no government program paying farmers to destroy crops. 

The NDA posted on Twitter summing up the situation saying, "Don't believe everything you see on the internet. 

Along with the NDA there are TikTok videos refuting these claims.