The Saline Fillmore Seward baseball league is finishing their season a year after COVID-19 canceled all games.

The SFS league has been around for 60 years, and consists of teams from towns all across southeast Nebraska. Brandon Vossler is one of the organizers for the league, as well as the Friend Head Coach.

"Right now, we have 10 communities in the league, and they're all from the surrounding areas," Vossler said. "Fairbury is our newest member, they joined about three years ago, but most have been around for over 60 years."

One of Vossler’s goals with the league is to be more than just a competitive league. He also wants one where kids get to know one another and build relationships.

"It's good for the kids to get to know the kids from the other towns," Vossler said. "We want them to get to know them, become friends, and maybe even lifelong friends."

A unique aspect to the SFS league is the media coverage they get. Through Ol Red 99.5 and different N-C-N affiliations, the SFS league gets a lot coverage

"We're very fortunate to have NCN and KUTT around for this," Vossler said. "They've been getting us coverage on the radio for awhile, and no other league in the area has coverage like that so we're very grateful for that."