NORFOLK -- A fire in Norfolk sent firefighters and law enforcement racing to the scene of MP Global, Wednesday afternoon.

It was a mechanical accident, according to the owner. 

"Metal got into the grinding material and started it," said Al Collison, owner of MP Global. 

None of the 85 employees were injured.

"Everyone was out of the building when we got on scene," said Norfolk Fire Captain Lannce Grothe. He said everyone followed protocol, and that the fire was contained by the time they got to the scene. 

But, the owner tells NCN it will cost them about $20,000 worth of damage.

To prevent a similar accident, the owner said he will install more magnets to their process. 

Responders from Battle Creek, Hadar, Hoskins, Woodland Park, Black Hills Energy, and the Madison County Sheriff came to help stabilize the scene.

"It's a shock obviously," Collison said. He is relieved no one was hurt though. 

This isn't the first fire his company has suffered.

A city inspector will come eventually to check the building once it's running normally again. Collison said operations should resume 6 a.m. Thursday.