ABC/Image Group LAShania Twain gets candid about career obstacles, battling depression and navigating life as a country star in her 50s in the February/March 2020 cover story for AARP The Magazine. The singer doesn’t shy away from some of her darkest times in the new issue, including a diagnosis of dysphonia, caused by Lyme disease, that robbed her of her voice. 

“I was slowly losing my voice and my confidence,” Shania says in the issue. “And nothing I could achieve in my career made me feel good enough.” 

On top of the loss of her voice, Shania dealt with heartbreak: She and her husband divorced after the singer discovered he’d been unfaithful. In the wake of the massive personal and professional blows that had been dealt to her, the singer says she struggled with depression. 

“There were days I didn’t really care if tomorrow came,” she reflects.

But Shania persevered, refusing to give in to depression and panic. Now, the 54-year-old is once again at the top of her game, and in the midst of her Let’s Go Las Vegas residency. In the cover story, she says that she’s gotten comfortable with the stage of her life that she’s in, and appreciates the benefits of being older.

“Age brings perspective. Every day I learn something new. And I plan on doing that ‘til the day I die,” Shania says. 

AARP The Magazine’s February/March issue will be out next month.

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