WAHOO, NE -- Waverly utility player Rhett Jordon blasted three home runs and clubbed his way to a decisive win in the Wahoo Area Kiwanis Club American Legion All-Star Hitting Challenge Saturday night.

In the Hitting Challenge, players had five 'outs' to work with.  They earned three points for hitting a ball 200 feet, five points for hitting the wall on the fly and 10 points for hitting a home run.  Every other swing was an out.

Jordon tallied 83 points in the first round and 27 points in the championship round for a winning total of 110.  His next closest competitors managed 54 points.  Jordon was the only player to hit a home run during the challenge.  35 all-stars competed in the challenge.

Rhett Jordon, Waverly - 110 points

Ryan Roesler, Springfield - 54 points

Cade Lynam, Springfield - 54 points

Kaden Ritz, Doniphan-Trumbull - 48 points

Jay Adams, Waverly - 45 points

Nate Mensik, Crete - 32 points

Dillon Feeken, Crete - 21 points