CENTRAL CITY, Neb.-- About 150 volunteers are spending three days helping at a summer camp for children with autism spectrum disorders and related conditions. 

This is Brick Stine and he’s been volunteering for six years. 
“It was always something I’ve been around and kind of just enjoy helping out with whoever I could. After getting to see the camp and stuff like that I enjoyed so much that I just had to come back and keep helping,” said Stine. 
Training for the camp started on Friday. It helps volunteers know what to expect and how to respond to situations that might arise during the weekend.
Kids & Dreams Foundation Executive Director Aaron Bly said volunteers are an integral part of the camp. 
“We’ve had volunteers change their majors in college to special education like its made such a big impact on those individuals and what’s nice about it then they go back into their communities and they are seeing the world differently,” said Bly. 
Volunteers are a mix of college students, professionals, therapists, parents of individuals with autism and also high school students. 

“I find it much rewarding to see other kids like faces and stuff light up after they accomplish something big or just experience things that they normally wouldn’t," said Stine. "I mean there’s enough joy that comes off of their face that it makes it feel rewarding for you too.”