HASTINGS, Neb. — Forecasters say a line of storms could bring severe wind and hail to Central Nebraska on Sunday night.

The National Weather Service lists the Tri-Cities area and regions to the north and west in an enhanced risk of severe weather, which is the third risk level out of five. The NWS says the storm is likely to hit the area from 8:00 p.m.-1:00 a.m. Forecasters say the risk of tornadoes is low, but the storms could bring golf-ball size hail and wind speeds greater than 70 miles per hour.

“Supercells will merge into a line as they move into the area, with an increasing threat for damaging wind gusts," the NWS said in a news release. "Supercells will carry a threat for all hazards. Heavy rainfall is also possible.”

The predicted storms come after some areas experienced flooding on Thursday and Friday because of heavy rainfall.