HASTINGS, Neb. – The Adams County Election Commission says the race for the District 6 Adams County Commissioner is too close to call, and a recount is needed to decide the winner. 

On Wednesday, one week after the primary election, officials certified election results in Adams County after provisional ballots were counted. 

In all, 30 provisional ballots were cast in Adams County due to a mix of voters either not possessing a valid photo ID, showing up at the wrong polling location, or not having an updated address. Those people were required to return to the county clerk's office to satisfy those requirements in one week for their votes to count. 

Final results of the District 6 Adams County Commissioner race shows Republican incumbent Chuck Neumann with 196 votes and Republican challenger Mike Tharp with 194 votes. 

Tharp gained two votes and Neumann gained one vote after provisional ballots were counted. 

By state statute, a race decided by less than two percent with under 500 voters triggers an automatic recount. 

The recount will happen on June 3 at 10 a.m.

Since no democrats filed for this race, the winner of this election will become the sole nominee for the District 6 Commissioner.

No other races were affected by the 30 extra ballots counted over the past week.