GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- The Grand Island Fire Department is taking steps to connect with the city's growing Hispanic population. 

Chief Cory Schmidt said the department is working to offer tours of its facilities in Spanish. He said the idea came from within the department and staff members are working on the logistics of it.

Schmidt said they are also focusing on recruiting and have positions available.  

“You don’t need experience what we’re looking for is good people, that are hard workers and want to learn how to be a firefighter because you don’t need any pass experience," Schmidt said "You just have to have a strong desire to help other people and those are the types we’re looking for and if you’re bilingual, its a definite plus for us.”

Schmidt said there’s no need to be bilingual, but having that skill would help the department improve its services.

He said the next recruiting event will happen in late June or early July. 

According to Data USA, around 33% of Grand Island residents are Hispanic.