NEBRASKA — The latest storms brought farmers some relief from drought season.

“This time of year…[For] producers, it’s always helpful to have some moisture in the ground before planting and then dry for a little bit. Hopefully it rains again," Nebraska Farm Bureau Senior Director of National Affairs Jordan Dux said.

At this time last year, almost the entire state of Nebraska was experiencing a lack of water.

The latest monitor has just 28% of the state listed having a drought.

With planting season near, Dux said it’s all about the timing of the rain.

“You have the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ when it comes to moisture over the past few years," Dux said. "Unfortunately, that’s been the pattern that we've seen lately.”

If precipitation does not hit areas needing rain, it could mean restrictions on water usage during the summer.

Dux said the dry spell is in the southeastern part of the state, from Jefferson County to southern Platte County, and will need more rain in the future.

If precipitation does not hit those areas, it could mean restrictions on water usage in the summer.

“If we have a very hot and dry summer again, that water will be used and we are going to have to monitor those," Dux said. "You’re probably going to see restrictions."

Dux said too much rain can wash away soil and fertilizer.