GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- Kids in a central Nebraska elementary school are celebrating their 100th day of school in a rather old manner.

It’s meant to be a fun day for the Gates Elementary students in Grand Island. Teachers, staff and students showed up for the day dressed as old people.

“As a new principal, I wanted to do something fun for all of the students; and I invited all the teachers to spend the day celebrating 100 with activities and throughout the day in their classroom,” said Bianca Ayala, Gates Elementary School principal. 

While other schools have celebrated their 100th day before, this was the first time for Gates Elementary. Ayala, who assumed the position in January, heard the story about how last year a kid had dressed as an old person on the 100th day.

She decided to invite the whole school to dress up as elderly people. 

“I just really wanted everyone to see how much fun that school can be. And when we come here every single day, we are learning and we are the best selves that we can be; but we can do that while having fun," said Ayala. 

Second grade student Norah Hansen said she planned her outfit with her mom. 

“It’s like something fun we can’t do everyday,” said Hansen.  

Throughout the day, teachers had activities that related to the number 100.