GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- People are enjoying time off thanks to the snowstorm. 

Yesterday night, Grand Island Public Schools announced they were canceling classes and all district activities. 

For Ryan Cabral this was the perfect opportunity to take his children out to play since his work had called off. 

“Well we were inside, and we always like to try to be active, going to the parks, you know and we figure we come out here," Cabral said. "We don't live too far so when they get cold it’s pretty easy to get back home, but I think they are having a lot of fun so they are not event thinking about the temperatures right now."

Grand Island wasn't the only school district shut down. Almost every district in the region closed on Monday.

According to the National Weather Service in Hastings, a blizzard warning will continue overnight for central Nebraska and most of the state.

Additional snow accumulation of one to four inches will continue through Tuesday morning.