KEARNEY, Neb. — Kearney residents who receive Meals on Wheels experienced more than just lunch on Wednesday.

Santa and the Grinch delivered the meals to 16 different stops. Instead of arriving by sleigh, Kearney Police Department Investigator Jordan Hawkins brought them along the route, with the Grinch safely in custody.

Hawkins started participating in the special holiday delivery in 2020. 

“We get laughs, I think people are appreciative," Hawkins said. "I get some comments as well like, ‘I didn’t do it,’ things like that. It’s just good, it’s fun to do.”

Meals on Wheels - Kearney Area is managed by the Kearney Housing Agency. Recipients pay for the meals and volunteers deliver them. The customers are primarily homebound seniors and care facilities.

The Kearney Housing Agency says it’s looking for donations to help cover operating costs and for volunteers to help with deliveries.