As part of National Veterans and Military appreciation month, an 18-year tradition is still going strong for military veterans in Hastings. 

Every year since 2005, members of Lodge 50 come together to make sure local veterans are appreciated. 

From service times of two years to twenty-two years, over 100 people attended Wednesday night's dinner to reconnect, and reminisce the past. 

Event organizer Phil Odom says he helped create this tradition to appreciate the men and women who served the country.

"One of the things I wanted to call attention to was not only to say 'thank you', but to thank you for all the work that veterans do in this community, that for the most part go unnoticed." said Odom. 

A member from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps received an award to honor them as this year's veterans parade marshals. 

Even though Army veteran Dee Haussler has been out of active service for more than 50 years, he among many are still grateful for the recognition and praise.

"It's just important to me to have the recognition of veterans, not just me, but the veterans that served this country through all of the wars." said Haussler.

The city will continue to recognize veterans this month with a parade this Saturday beginning at 10 A.M.