GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- Despite the cold temperatures, Grand Island kids are still taking home candy.

Each year for Bob and Gail Mattke, Halloween is more than a tradition for them. 

“It's my favorite holiday, there’s not stress and there’s no make a meal for somebody and go shopping,” Gail Mattke said. 

“It makes the kids so happy; they really have a good time,” Bob Mattke said. 

The Mattke’s said that each year they keep count on all the kids that come to their house. Last year, they had more than 300 kids stop by. They're hopeful they'll see a big crowd despite temperatures dipping into the low 30s.

“I hope so,” Bob said.

“We hope so, you just never know,” Gail said. 

“Most of them, they drive them up here,” Bob said. 

For Rachel Jakob, her family’s Halloween tradition is to have chili and cinnamon rolls, hot cocoa and have apple cider while trick or treating. 

For this year, she’s making sure she keeps warm. 

“Well, I myself am wearing my snow gear," Jakob said. "I have my snow pants, I will put all of the stuff on to go trick or treating. But kids don’t care, they want go trick or treat. We may not go as far.”