Brandon is a proud native of the Cornhusker state. He graduated from Omaha Benson (Go Bunnies!) and UNO (Go Mavs). He’s been rockin' the radio scene on-and-off for a cool two decades. He has a background in journalism writing for The Washington Post and NPR, with more than a dozen awards for his reporting and announcing.

When he's not unleashing The Party on KHAS Morning Show, you'll find Brandon strumming his guitar or watching old history documentaries. He’s also an accomplished author, publishing his memoir in 2020.

Off the airwaves, Brandon's all about treasure hunting, and not the pirate kind. He's into antique shopping, often teaming up with his partner-in-crime – his wife – for some vintage adventures. And let's not forget his adoration for the tiny humans in his life: his two little daughters. He's their proud spectator as they tackle the monumental mission of growing up.

And speaking of a following, Brandon's not just a voice on the radio – he's a digital dynamo with a more than 2 million followers all over social media: 1.6 million on TikTok, 150,000 on Instagram, 100,000 on SnapChat and 75,000 on Facebook. Oh, and let's not overlook the jaw-dropping 750 million views his videos have snagged from all corners of the internet. He enjoys engaging with listeners online and over the airwaves.