GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- Nothing can stop vendors, volunteers and officials from setting up the Nebraska State Fair, not even the hot temperatures.

Vendors and volunteers have been setting up at Fonner Park for days. 

"I've just been here for a couple days," one vendor named Sydney said.

How do you feel about it?

"I'm just excited for the fair to start," Sydney said. And about the weather? "It's a little miserable."

"It's hot, very hot," another vendor named Denise said.

Were you expecting this?

"No, not at all. It was so cold before, I mean, we had very cool days and this is very hot," Denise said.

Sydney has been putting up signs and Denise has been setting up her corn dog stand.

And for Ann Lammers, who’s been coming to the fair for the past five years to sell fragrances and candles, she’s glad she gets to be inside.

“I’m absolutely glad I’m inside," Lammers said. "I would have puddles instead of sprinkles."

The Nebraska State Fair is set to begin on Friday with a variety of activities lined up for the day.

Executive Director Jaime Parr said she feels great about her first year.

“I’m super excited," Parr said. "It feels a little bit different and that’s good, I think, but set up is going really well, so yes I feel very energized and motivated and can’t wait to open up on Friday."

Parr said her team is working together and getting things done. This year, they are hoping to have 3,000 people visit the Fair. 

She adds that the weather has slowed them down, but they are still on track and are being mindful of everyone. 

“We did change our livestock check in, especially animals on a trailer, we want to be mindful of their safety and security and animal wellness." Parr said. "For the people, we’re going around with coolers of water and popsicles, and frozen yogurt so just trying to get everybody to take a few extra breaks throughout the day and to get something cold or frozen to them while they are out in the heat.”

Parr said they have some new things this year like new video screens at the sheep barns, the Five Points Bank Arena, cattle barn and the Aurora co-op pavilion. Other new features include refillable water fountains, a new stage at the Earl May fair square, some shade structures, some equine attractions, a new family area and more.