GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- The bill that would allow a veterans cemetery to be built in Grand Island has advanced to the general file. 

LB 80 was introduced by Sen. Ray Aguilar back in January. The bill would allow the Nebraska legislature to appropriate $8 million from the general fund to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs for the construction and improvements of the cemetery in Grand Island. 

LB 80 has now been included in LB 818 and has advanced to the general file.

A second debate is expected this week. Then it could have a final reading and vote before going to the governor's desk for him to consider signing.

According to Veterans Service Officer Don Shuda, Gov. Jim Pillen has been a longtime supporter. 

“The governor has supported that concept of having a state veterans cemetery here in Grand Island, and has agreed to sign the bill once it's through the legislature," Shuda said. "Right now, it's on final reading with the appropriations committee in the state legislature. So, hopefully we’ll be able to put the shovel in the ground this fall yet. Maybe perhaps November 11, Veterans Day, which would be an appropriate day honor our veterans and also recognize them for their service.”

If the bill passes, $4 million would to be transferred for construction in 2023 and an additional $4 million in 2024.