Jordan Head, Parents Clint & Andria Head – Concordia University – Softball and Choir

Carson Kudlacek, Parents Chad & Amy Kudlacek – Hastings College – Football

Cooper Butler, Parents John & Nicki Butler – Hastings College – Football

Jayden Lagunas, Parents Flor Lagunas  – Hastings College – Football

Alayna Vargas - Concordia University- Cross Country and Track 

Madelyn Strong – Doane University - Cheer

HASTINGS, Neb. — Three Hastings St. Cecilia football players are making the jump to college football together, and they’re doing it in their hometown.

Carson Kudlacek, Jayden Lagunas and Cooper Butler each signed their letters of intent on Monday to play at Hastings College.

“After we lost our last game, we were all giving each other hugs and we were like, let’s figure a way we can go play again with each other," Kudlacek said. "That it actually worked out, it’s really cool.”

Broncos Head Coach Matt Franzen and his staff built relationships with each player individually, which was among the deciding factors for Butler, an all-state wide receiver.

“I felt like the connection between them was really good. Coach Franzen always texted me before games, after games, during the week,” Butler said.

Kudlacek, a quarterback, committed first after compiling more than 3,300 total yards and scoring 46 touchdowns his senior season.

“I’m kind of like joking with them like, ‘hey it’s your turn, it’s your turn.’ Eventually they came, but it took a little while, a little convincing to get them to go,” Kudlacek said.

Lagunas, a first-team all-state pick along the line, admits Kudlacek was persuasive.

“When Carson committed, it was just like a gimme," Lagunas said. "Alright, let’s do this thing together.”

He has a straightforward goal for his college football career.

“I want to put Hastings on the map. I’m going to do my best to make that happen,” Lagunas said.

He’ll try to do it with some familiar faces by his side.

“Obviously we go way back. We just stick together throughout those years, we know how each other play, what we can do, what our full potentials are," Lagunas said. "Hopefully we can reach new potentials together.”