The video above is from our coverage of the project in December 2022.

KEARNEY, Neb. — Kearney Police are now allowing people to enroll in a program designed to keep at-risk people safe.

The department started training in December with equipment from Project Lifesaver. A person who is prone to wandering, such as those with Autism or Alzheimer’s, wears a transmitter. If they get lost, police can use a special receiver to track them down.

“It’s not safe when they’re not with their care provider,” Lt. Derek Luke said in December. “Especially on really cold days or really hot days, it’s really important that we find them quickly and get them the care they need and back to their loved ones.”

The program was made possible in Kearney thanks to a donation from Daniel Young and the Julia Rose Foundation.

Enrollment in Project Lifesaver is entirely voluntary. People can sign up by contacting program coordinator Lt. Derek Luke or visiting this webpage.