KEARNEY, Neb. -- The Nebraska State Patrol Investigators held alcohol compliance checks in Buffalo, Kearney, Logan, Thomas, Hooker, and Grant Counties.

Officials said they first did checks at businesses in Buffalo and Kearney Counties in the evening of Dec. 3. They checked 19 businesses where two of them reportedly sold alcohol to a minor for a compliance rate of 90% and one of the businesses reportedly failed to check the minor’s ID.

According to authorities, checks were held at businesses in Logan, Thomas, Hooker, and Grant Counties on Dec. 9. There were 12 businesses that were checked with four of them reportedly selling alcohol to a minor for a compliance rate of 66% and one of the businesses reportedly failing to check the minor’s ID.

The six businesses that failed the alcohol compliance checks were Cozy Corner Catering, Minden; Foote Convenience Plaza, Kearney; Sutton’s Speed and Supply, Halsey; Sandhills Corral, Thedford; Chuckwagon ‘n Jug, Mullen; and Sandhill Oil Company, Hyannis.

The businesses that failed the checks are referred to the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission and clerks who sell alcohol to a minor are cited for procuring alcohol for a minor.