The Lark announces it will be adding housing

Some exciting news for The Lark in downtown Hastings.
Friday, December 2nd 2022, 12:07 PM CST

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) -- Some exciting news for The Lark in downtown Hastings.

During its “Business after Hours " event with the Hastings Chamber of Commerce Thursday, the venue announced that they will be adding housing above the main floor of its building. It will consist of three apartments, two of them will be for people to rent, while the third will be similar to an Airbnb.

The Lark officials hope the project will make the venue more sustainable as they try to utilize the entire building.

“Mostly we have an empty space upstairs and you know we figured we need to utilize this building as much as we can,” said The Lark Executive Director, Cara Kimberly. “So we, my board and I put our creative fingers at hand, and we decided we better do something, come out with something that we could use the entire building.”

Construction is scheduled to start in January and the goal is to have them completed by the summer. Kimberly feels this development will have a huge impact on the Hastings community.

“I feel like it’ll definitely be used in downtown Hastings,” said Kimberly. “I don’t feel like we have enough Airbnbs in Hastings, or this sort of you know short term living in a beautiful space like this. So why wouldn’t someone want to use it?”

She is also hoping this project will help people learn about The Lark and where it’s located.

“I feel like it’ll get The Lark name out there a little more,” said Kimberly. “I’ve ran into a lot of people since I’ve been director, that they don’t even know what The Lark is. So I’m hoping that this will get our name out there a little more, get people to use our space a little more, come to some of our music events.”

Kimberly also said COVID had a major impact on The Lark and the venue has struggled to rebound from it. They are hoping with the new housing project it help get The Lark’s name out there and help bring in more revenue.