LINCOLN - It’s become somewhat of a staple and a tradition in college football... Law enforcement escorting the coach and team to the venue and out of the tunnel.

While some universities utilize state troopers, the Huskers use their very own UNLPD to do such honors. Sgt. Nolan Condradt is in charge of the UNLPD travel escort team.

“We escort the coach, we’re around the coach and team, for the security of the student athletes and the coaches, Coach Joseph specifically,” Condradt said.

UNLPD has about three officers as part of the escort team each game day, all acting in safety of the team. When it comes to road games, they’re right there as well.

“We usually send about two officers to each away game with the team,” Conradt said. “And there is two officers escorting Coach Joseph during the game.”

Conradt says, while escorting, the officers are watching for safety and security issues during the tunnel walk at Memorial Stadium and while on the field before or after the game. For away games, UNLPD collaborates with the opposing teams local law enforcement to get ahead of any possible danger. When it comes to working as part of the travel team, since the job olds so much importance, UNLPD takes in applicants and carefully selects those that fit the role best.

“It’s just put out to the entire department that if anyone wants to be part of the trade team, and we have a set procedure of interviews,” Conradt said. “We talk to those officers and the best selection is made.”

The job is a unique one that travel team officers understand the significance of. Sgt. Conradt has those at home watching even game, but he knows his role in the position he holds.

“It’s always fun,” Conradt said. “I have three young boys and they like to watch the home games when I’m escorting out the coach and they jump up and say they see dad on TV, but we’re out here doing a job to make sure the student athletes are safe and the coaches are safe throughout game day.”