SUMNER, Neb. — Homecoming week is about celebrating the past and looking forward to the future. At Sumner-Eddyville-Miller schools, the future includes a brand new logo.

The school unveiled the new-look mustang at a pep rally Monday afternoon. Principal Grant Torpin says lots of thought went into the new design.

“We started by forming a committee that would work with the graphic designer and give him some guidelines and some adjectives to describe the school,” Torpin said.

The committee included students, teachers and community members. Their ideas were built directly into the logo.

“We think of powerful, we think of sturdy," Torpin said. "If you look at the look at the logo, the foot is planted firmly but it’s also moving forward.”

Torpin says the new design is more simple than the previous one and will look sharper from a distance. Most importantly, it’s unique to SEM.

“We really wanted something that was only SEM’s and only our mustang, not a borrowed one or one that we took and then changed it a little bit," Torpin said. "This is 100% unique and ours.”

The logo will be incorporated one step at a time around the school. SEM’s website and new wrestling uniforms will be among the first items to show off the mustang.