INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- The goals remain lofty for one of college football's most successful programs, even after a year during which Ohio State lost to rival Michigan and failed to reach the Big Ten title game for the first time since 2016.

"We've had a really good offseason, and it's great to see a team coming together," Day said. "I'd kind of describe them as edgy this offseason."

Day, who has been known for prolific offenses, knows that his team's success largely rely upon the performance of its defense.

"We have to play winning football, and that starts with stopping the run," Day said. "In terms of expectations, I mean yeah, we expect a top ten defense. That's what we want."

Day said leadership and camaraderie were areas that his staff chose to focus on, electing leadership committees at two different points in the offseason.

"We really intermingled the team," Day said. "We tried to stay away from the position groups as much as we could, and I think that brought the team together a lot more."

Day said his team's expectations have remained the same across all his seasons in Columbus.

"Our three goals are beat the team up north, win the Big Ten Championship, win the National Championship," Day said. "That's the goal. Those three things didn't happen last year."