INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The Nebraska football coaches and players aren’t shying away from saying there’s a chip on their shoulder.

The Huskers finished 3-9 last season despite outscoring their opponents by a combined 63 points over the course of the year. Edge rusher Garrett Nelson says it was tough to keep team morale up.

“It was just a standard, the mindset we had every week, getting that right hook to the face every Saturday and keep coming for more every practice,” Nelson said.

The dismal display in close games has led to lots of motivation for Nelson and his teammates.

“I’m finally ready to have everybody stop trashing on my coach and my coaching staff and our team and us as players. It’s been going on too long,” Nelson said. “With the work we put in every day, multiple times a day for years… because you do that every day there’s only one choice that has to (happen), it’s coming out on top.”

The Huskers aren’t just motivated, they’re confident according to Cornerback Quinton Newsome.

“I feel like we have the potential to accomplish a lot of things this year. All we got to do is put together all the pieces, limit the mistakes, stay locked in, focus on the season… just keep on going because they sky is the limit for this team,” Newsome said.

Nelson says he gets his confidence from his teammates.

“Looking at these guys, looking at our team, the look they have and the mentality they have, I feed off them, how much they care… them reciprocating that has given me confidence as a player, as a teammate, and as a friend,” Nelson said.