MARYSVILLE, KS — It’s a tradition working to keep a part of western U.S. history alive.

"As with any history, I think it's important the young people who are texting everybody and emailing everybody and twittering and all that understand how that information was passed on in the very beginning," National Pony Express Association President Melvas Anner said.

The annual Pony Express Re-Ride retraces the route the riders took back in the 1860s. Stretching from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California, riders complete the route as a relay over 10 days.

"It takes a lot to get all those miles covered," Anner said. "It's about 2,000 miles and out in Nevada they go over seven mountain ranges. That's big for them out there. It's just a lot of volunteer effort."

Tuesday morning, the ride made its way through Marysville, Kansas where Anner swore in a new batch of riders.

Several came out to watch the mochila exchange as letters to be delivered once in Sacramento were handed off from one rider to the next. Anner says it was exciting to see so many kids in the crowd and some even get sworn in as riders.

"Oh it's great. It's great," she said. "We always encourage new members. They can join at age 14. If they have some miles in an area then they can ride."

The ride made it way into Nebraska early Tuesday afternoon south of Beatrice and Fairbury. Riders will continue across the Cornhusker state until Thursday afternoon when they cross into Wyoming west of Scottsbluff.

"It's just really exciting to know that we're keeping history alive," Anner said. "As you can see from the crowd here you can see there's interest in our past and how we got to where we are."

The 2022 re-ride started in St. Joseph, MO on Monday, June 6. Riders are expected in Sacremento the afternoon of June 16. 

You can see a full schedule of stops here. Along with letters, the riders are carrying a GPS so people can track the progress of the ride online